Hope and I headed to Disney World to help Georgia celebrate her 50th birthday. Arriving a few hours before Georgia and Chris, Hope and I headed to Animal Kingdom for a few hours in the late afternoon. We arrived just in time to see the crowd leaving the last show of the evening. With no shows to see everyone in the park headed to the same rides that we did. What timing! The lines turned out to be not that bad and we enjoyed hanging out in the warm air.

Later that evening we met up with Chris and Georgia at the Magic Kingdom. Georgia was excited to see the Christmas tree. I love the picture of the three of them in front of the tree. We made the most of the night at Magic Kingdom and headed back to our hotel for dinner. Yes, a very late dinner that finished around 1AM.

I learned something new about GA. Back in CT, she is not known for her…. punctuality. But in Disney World don’t keep her waiting! If you do…. you won’t hear the end of it! Ever!

Mom, Dad, Uncle Ralph and Lori joined us for dinner Thursday night. We celebrated Ralph’s birthday at an Irish pub. It was great seeing them all and sharing stories about Ralph. Most of the stories were clean. Okay, maybe 2 were clean.

Uncle Ralph and Lori joined us the next day as we explored Epcot. Epcot is always a fun park with the street shows, rides and touring the country showcase. England was a candy shopping heaven. France showed us a crazy guy balancing on stacked chairs while continuing to stack them higher and higher. Gelato in Italy. Beer in Germany. We finished the day with dinner at the coral sea. Pretty much ate or drank all day long.

Happy Birthday GA. Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day!

Kasey’s first gymnastics competition was near the end of the month. She did very good. Take a look at the pictures with her in the air and the video of her beam routine.

We have a bookcase in our den that has a ton of small drawers. It is fantastic to store items, anything from batteries to cables for pretty much any device. However, after a couple of years, things started to get mixed together. A nightmare of someone with borderline OCD. Hope enjoyed watching me take them all out and sort them. I feel better now!

Kristin took my place with Hope to see Cats at the Bushnell near the end of the month. I was away at a business trip. They clearly had a great time. I especially love the picture of the two to them with the cat eyes in the background.

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Top ten list:
- Don’t race down the stairs with the kids when Jimmy is there.
- If it’s free, Brad and Julia are on it!
- Know what the most common Spanish word is in family feud!
- The bromance between Brad and Eli was getting disturbing
- Kyle taught us that virgin mojitos actually exist.
- Don’t send Brad up to do a dance unless you are prepared on what you could see.
- “Deck 11” will never be the same again
- Jimmy has the eagle eye when it comes to finding whales.
- Volleyball against the ships sports crew is clearly not the same as volleyball in our backyard
- The Macarena will never be the same after witnessing Uncle Ralph’s version.
- Kristin, Brad, Eli and Kaseys moves at the rock party started to form a cult of followers
- It is now a known fact that this family sucks at trivia!
- Give Eli two Long Island ice teas and he is close to doing anything.
- Laughing yoga is not quite what we thought it was and was a one and done event.
- Kristin and Mom would have won the Abby contest if we were there at the start!
- We learned that Burger King is NOT the place to go when you want to get food fast!
- Nicole and Jimmy have a portable luggage scale!
- We are all thankful Corey didn’t go commando on the bike ride!
- Uncle Ralph needs to start ordering “I’ll take the whole left Column of the menu and don’t let them get cold”

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